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Take the Power Back (1999)
16" x 20", Acrylic paints on canvas

I've always enjoyed this painting, part of a series of acrylic paintings in 1999. It was a lot of fun to create, as you could guess. Abstract Expressionism is often just a good excuse to make a big, enormous mess.

If I recall, I most likely used paints that were available in the basement of the college boarding house I was living in that year. It was a large house, many rooms, with a spacious living room with TV, a scary kitchen you wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole, and a very large and spacious basement that would have made an excellent rec room.  I used that space as my "studio" for painting, with the canvas on the concrete floor, paper or plastic underneath to contain the mess.

These kinds of paintings require a variety of techniques, not just wildly throwing paint everywhere. One has to follow rules of composition and form, an understanding of what the picture frame sees, and what you want to capture. In that sense, it's very much like a camera. The entire world is not contained within the frame; you are merely observing a portion of a greater whole. This observation, I believe, is often overlooked by painters, as they try to keep everything within that confined space.

Three dimensional space is crucial, not just into the picture frame, but beyond its borders.  That's a very important lesson for this style of art.


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