Photo of the Day

The complete Studio Ghibli (JP) Blu-Ray feature film collection. The only title in the catalog not yet released on BD is the 1993 TV movie Umi ga Kikoeru ("I Can Hear the Sea," aka "Ocean Waves"). I'm honestly not sure why that title hasn't been released, or if it has been demoted in the official canon. That would be unfortunate, because it's an excellent movie, fitting perfectly within the studio's "neo-realist" animations, such as Omohide Poro Poro, Mimi wo Sumaseba, and The Wind Rises.

As always, the Japanese Blu-Ray titles have the best picture quality (video file sizes are regularly double that of the US Disney BDs), and the best packaging. They're also the most expensive, thanks to Japan's odd policy of high prices for home videos. Ya gets what ya pays for, kids.

(Photo: Studio Ghibli int'l forum)


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